"Go Yi Shia" means hanging out together in Taiwanese. It is the combination of the place where you can enjoy the food and drinks at the same time!
Kaiseki Cuisine. All cuisines are prepared by our experienced chefs.

"Go Yi Shia" has a 10-year experienced chef who is perfectly good at preparing top ingredients. The menu is composed of giant wild shrimp, Atlantic flat fish, African abalone, top level Hokkaido scallop, Canada purple sea urchin…… etc.

The value of the food that you get are much higher and better than what you pay for!

"Go Yi Shia"'s target customers age between 25 to 45, mainly are office workers and families. Menu like "Giant Shrimp Caterpillar like Sushi Roll", "Luxury Seafood Course", and others, all have the same value as the exquisite Kaiseki Cuisine, but with an affordable price. From the day opened until now, our restaurants have been filled with customers and they are all satisfied with our great food.

It is special that the entrance of the restaurants are designed as the Japanese religious gate "Torii".

"Go Yi Shia" use Japanese religious gate "Torii" as the entrance of the restaurants, which is the metaphor to distinguish the human world and heaven. Entering "Go Yi Shia" is just like entering into heaven, a place where you can abandon all of your worries and stress to just purely relax, and yet, this is the experience and service that "Go Yi Shia" has been trying to provide to the customers. No matter it's just a celebration, reunion, or simply a drinking party with friends, "Go Yi Shia" is always the place that you'd want to visit again and again.

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